Fathers Matter, the Essential Guide to Contact on Separation and Divorce

This best-selling and practical handbook, now in its third edition, is the essential guide for fathers seeking contact with their children after separation and/or divorce, and all those connected with a father in that situation including grandparents and members of the extended family. Divided into three parts, it explains with clarity and compassion how the law affects all categories of fathers and navigates the reader through this increasingly complicated area of family law.


Since the 2nd Edition of Fathers Matter was published in March 2007 there have been significant developments and reforms in this area of family law…

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What’s INSIDE this Book?

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Every FATHER Should Read This

This book highlights the issues of concern and hurdles facing fathers on separation and/or divorce and offers practical and invaluable guidance on how to deal with these issues…

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About our Book

Fathers Matter is divided into three parts. It explains with clarity and compassion how the law affects all categories of fathers and navigates the reader through this increasingly complicated area of family law.

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Fathers Matter – Part 1

Dealing with the effects of father separation
Deals with the effects on the family

Fathers Matter – Part 2

Dealing witht the effects of family law

Deals with the current law

Fathers Matter – Part 3

Fathers Matter - ongoing issuesDeals with the ongoing issues

What our reader's have said
  • National Society for Children and Family Contact highly recommends the book Fathers Matter- a guide to contact on separation and divorce by Celia Conrad. This is an indispensable and user-friendly step-by-step guide to all the issues relevant to any father seeking or trying to maintain contact with his children. The book covers all the pitfalls for fathers including how to avoid wasted legal costs by explaining how the family legal system works and its limitations for fathers. We at National Society for Children and Family Contact regard this as not only an essential guide, but one which genuinely will assist fathers and considerably reduce their legal costs by dealing with legal issues in a clear and constructive way.

    National Society for Children and Family Contact
  • Having made some enquiries about solicitors’ hourly charge out rates and discovering that I would have to pay a minimum of £140.00 per hour in my area I calculated that this book would only cost me the equivalent of about 8.5 minutes of a solicitor’s time. Let’s face it – how much advice would you get in 8.5 minutes? Bearing in mind Fathers Matter was written by a former family solicitor who worked for some of the top firms in London my view is that this book is cheap at the price.

    Martin Brookes, Hammersmith
  • Books in this area tend to be either dry-as-dust legal tomes or splashy and imprecisely over-emotional attacks on or defences of the rights of fathers. Ms Conrad succeeds brilliantly in navigating the choppy waters between these reefs by presenting an    excellent compendium of legal advice, common sense wisdom and compassionate insight that is always highly readable and engaging. It is a classic (and rare) example of  how to put the precise needs of readers ahead of the vanity of authors.

    Mr T Hochstrasser, Greater London
  • Every father should have this book. It answers all the questions we need to know.

    M Bradley, Stafford
  • This book was a bargain. It’s more than paid for itself with the money I’ve saved on lawyers.

    R Hossein, Bradford
  • What a welcome to my bookshelf the new, revised version of this book has been. Recommended by a friend at a difficult time, when my marriage and family unit suffered irretrievable breakdown, Conrad’s support for the father’s side (without opposing that of the mother’s) proved to be a lifeline to my progress, especially as I had already wasted considerable time and money out of ignorance of family law and how it works.

    I needed a book which would clearly show my paternal rights and help me to prepare a legal case to clarify my rights over my children. I looked at quite a few books, several written by dads who had been through similar turmoil, but they only offered    emotional support where this lawyer/author offered considerable legal substance in additional to the emotional.

    Set in three parts and written in easy, understandable English, it is comprehensive, concise and in no way condescending. Part one considers the effect of separation on children and fathers, where so often books seem to favour those of the mother    and children. Part two is right up to date on current issues and changes to the law with additional sections- publicity and coping with the stress of going to appeal were especially helpful in my case. Part three brings the author’s expertise to the fore as she discusses reform and looks forward to the need for change. Her sensitivity throughout is commendable.

    In all, as a total ‘dad friendly’ package, it reassured me in times of doubt, bolstered my confidence to proceed, and assisted my knowledge and understanding at a very difficult time of my life. Needless to say, my own outcome was positive and my rights to the children have been fairly secured, in no small part due to this book. It is the only piece of literature you will need; an absolute find!

    Mr H Grant, Shropshire

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